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Our History

Think about your hometown. No matter where you grew up, there are certain landmarks that you've come to count on. The High School Football Field, the City Park and that favorite store where you do your shopping week after week. The place that remembers your name, and your kids names. Bruce's Foodland Stores have been a part of North Alabama for over three decades.

Family owned and operated by The Bruce Family, it's a remarkable success story. Year after year the big box stores gobble up locally owned business, yet Bruce's Foodland Stores hold strong in their communities.

Shan Bruce founded Bruce's Foodland in 1979, in Ft. Payne, Alabama. Shan says: "If you treat your customers with all the courtesy in the world, they will always come back to your store." That attitude was instilled in him years ago, when he started in the grocery business at the age of 12, by hometown grocer Zane Reece. Working as bagboy, he viewed Zane as a mentor, and really paid attention to all the positive lessons he could learn in the grocery business.

Two generations, one common goal: It's a family operation at Bruces Foodland Stores. Shan and Connie invested over 70 hours a week when they first started in the grocery business while raising their two sons, Michael and Eric. The boys grew up in the grocery business and are an essential part of the daily operations today. The business philosophy of their parents is carried over in the way they operate the six stores. Customer service is the keystone of daily operations.

One of things the Bruce family takes pride in is the employees that they hire. Finding professional, hardworking, conscientious employees is important, because having a dedicated management team insures customers are getting the best service possible. "We are so fortunate to have the stores managed by the team we have in place, they each bring a unique personality to our stores that our customers appreciate." says Michael Bruce.

Bruce's Foodland managers: Tim Davis in Fort Payne, Stephen Berry in Scottsboro, Eric Ogle in Ider, Tim Durham in Fyffe, Rick Haney in Rainsville and Brett Haynes in Section care about their customers satisfaction.

In addition to great customer service they are competitive offering a full service Deli Bakery at their Ft. Payne and Scottsboro locations. Bruce's Foodland Stores are also the only grocer in Dekalb County to offer "USDA CHOICE" grade beef. Featuring a full service meat department at each location, that can custom cut your order to meet your needs. Combine that with competitive weekly specials and numerous contests and giveaways throughout the year, Bruce's gives you many reasons to keep coming back. On top of all that, they still carry your groceries to the car. In the day and age of self serve, self checkout, isn't it nice to know there is still a place that caters to the customers needs? If you've never shopped at Bruce's we invite you to come in and see for yourself. If you are one of our loyal customers, THANK YOU SO MUCH...WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS!!!

Yours truly,

Bruce's Foodland Stores

Your Hometown Grocer

Our Bakery

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirement Parties, Bridal and Baby matter the event, Bruce's bakery offers beautifully decorated cakes and confections. Not your typical grocery store cake, Bruce's Bakery is known for their moist and tasty cakes, and their light and fluffy icing keeps folks coming back year after year, event after event. Cake flavors in vanilla or chocolate, with icing choices of cream cheese, buttercream and whipped icing in a variety of flavors.

When a standard cake won't do, cupcakes are a popular standard for Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Birthdays. Sport teams love Bruce's Bakery sport themed cookies, and they can even include player numbers on each cookie. Be sure to inquire about Edible Images Cakes from Bruce's Bakery. Just bring in your favorite photo, and have it transformed to an edible cake topping.

Remember BRUCE'S BAKERY at Bruce's Foodland Plus in Ft. Payne and Scottsboro for your next occasion. Place your order today. Call (256) 845-1970 (Ft. Payne) or (256) 259-3029 (Scottsboro), just ask for the Deli/Bakery Department.

Our Meat Department

We sell only the very best quality meats available in our store. No exceptions! We sell only "USDA Choice" Grade Beef. Unlike discount retailers, we don't offer cheap quality to increase our profits. We are committed to offering only the best for you our valued customers.

At each store we have trained meat cutters who cut, tray, and wrap fresh meat daily. We welcome the opportunity to custom-cut any item to fit your needs. We grind all of our hamburger, ground chuck, and other beef products several times daily in a clean and sanitary environment. In fact, you can see our knowledgeable staff preparing your meats right before your eyes through the windows looking into the butcher room. That is how confident we are of what we offer. 

In addition to beef, we offer Grade "A" fresh, never frozen poultry, never frozen pork, and fish and shrimp delivered fresh from the coast twice weekly. We think our customers deserve the very best. If you ever have a question or concern, contact our Meat Supervisor, Marc Fobbus, by calling (256) 845-1970.

Our Produce Department

Shopping the Produce Department at Bruce's Foodland, customers find fresh ingredients and fun ideas. Our produce selection features the freshest vegetables and fruits at a hometown grocer you can trust. Bruce's fruits and veggies deliver on taste and also provide the nutrients needed to help you and your family stay healthy.

We know you want products raised in a way they can feel good about. That's why we're here for you. Thanks for letting us be your hometown produce provider!

Our Deli

Whether you need to grab a quick lunch or serve your whole family, Bruce's Deli has you covered. We offer a number of fresh deli meats & cheese as well as hot entrees & sides served daily.

Served Everyday
Fried Chicken | Chicken Tenders
Potatoe Wedges, Mac & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans
Daily Menu:
Monday: Meatloaf
Pinto Beans, Scalloped or Augnatin Potatoes, Fried Okra, and Steamed Broccoli
Tuesday: Lasagna | Honey BBQ or Fire Wings
Corn, Fried Squash and Mixed Vegetables
Wednesday: Pot Roast
Great Northern Beans, Turnip Greens, and Kraut & Weiners
Thursday: Chicken & Dressing
Broccoli & Rice Casserole or Sweet Potato Casserole and Stewed Okra & Tomatoes
Friday: Fried Catfish | Porkchops
Steamed Cabbage, Lima or Butter Beans, and Fried Okra
Saturday: BBQ Pork
Baked Beans, Fried Corn, and Onion Rings
Sunday: Steak & Gravy | Chicken & Dressing
Sweet Peas, Steamed Squash, and Fried Mushrooms

Remember BRUCE'S DELI at Bruce's Foodland Plus in Ft. Payne and Scottsboro for your next meal or event. Place your order today. Call (256) 845-1970 (Ft. Payne) or (256) 259-3029 (Scottsboro), just ask for the Deli/Bakery Department.

Bruce's Gift Cards

Bruce's Foodland Gift Cards are the perfect gift for any occasion!

  • Birthdays
  • Wedding Showers
  • Baby Showers
  • Graduations
  • Office Parties
  • Donation Projects / Raffles
  • Celebrations

Not only will they feel special, they'll think you're pretty incredible too! Ask your cashier how to purchase one today.